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As you may have gathered by now, I am a huge fan of Lucy at Attic24.
Yesterday, I uploaded a pic of my current WIP blanket to Instagram.


This is a combination of Lucy’s Sunny colours and Raindrops stitch which I have changed to treble crochet (UK terms) rather than half treble crochet.

OMG – Lucy commented!  Now you may think I am being daft but as an avid follower of Lucy’s blog I am over the moon she took the time to comment on my work.

I have not been successful putting colour combinations together myself, so I unashamedly admit all my blankets to date, apart from my african flower blanket, have been an Attic24 blanket.  I explained in a previous post what happened when I added extra colours to my Cottage Ripple blanket…..

Anyway, I have decided it’s time to be brave.  I want to put my own individuality into my work.  I promised a friend I will make her a blanket this year – her favourite colours are purple and lime green!

So, I took the plunge and have come up with the following colour combination which I have called ‘Passion Flower’ – what do you think ?


I can’t take the credit for naming the colour combo though (one thing at a time!) I posted the colour combo to my Facebook page asking for name ideas. A friend suggested ‘Passion Flower’ and my Mum sent me the pic of a Passion Flower in her garden – job done!

Since my last post, I have finished my Sunny Log Cabin blanket.


As ‘it’s the law’ on crochet blogs, here is the mandatory ‘pile of blankets’ photo…


It took a few attempts to take the photo as Mr B wanted to get in on the action……


Progress on my ‘Sunny Raindrops’ blanket is coming along nicely.


Miss M gave me no choice really – it would be such a shame to disturb her…….


Happy hooking !




6 thoughts on “Starstruck!

  1. I’m shocked to realise I haven’t done the mandatory pile of blankets picture on my blog. I need to sort this out. I love the Passion flower colour scheme! Interested to see what you do with them.


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